The Psychology of Attraction : Book Review

Psychology of AttractionThe whole area of attraction has always fascinated me. Why some people who are nothing special in the looks department can easily attract people with what appears to be unlimited amounts of charm and charisma.

While on the other side of the room there could be a natural beauty that is totally self aware and afraid to speak to anyone. After a number of searches on Amazon and some other specialist sites I stumbled across the work of Farouk Radwan. He approaches this topic from a unique and interesting angle and after a recommendation from a fellow member of Relationship Surgery, I contacted Farouk and he kindly provided me with a copy of his book.

The book starts out by addressing the issues surrounding why you do not feel you are attractive. Very quickly you start to realise that you are a lot more attractive to others than maybe what you are to yourself.

You then start to learn how to appreciate yourself more for both your looks and who you are inside. The author then goes onto describe some simple techniques that will amaze you for making yourself appear to be and therefore to actually be more attractive than you currently are.

The book then goes onto describe the magic around the subject of attraction and how to attract others. The psychology behind the areas covered are really fascinating and make a lot of sense.

By the end of the 60 pages, you gain a much better understanding of attraction and when you then go out into day to day life it really is amazing how different you see yourself and people around you. It is even more amazing how differently people see you.

Overall I would give it 8.5 / 10 and that is just because I wanted to keep reading on when I got the ther end.

The book is available from the bottom of the page on this site for $14.99 or £10.13 at today’s rates.

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