Top 3 Reasons Why Women Dump Men

dump himAre the women the ones that decide to break up the relationship? Women are usually mysterious and it would be nearly impossible for man to get into their heads. However, if you are asking yourself why women dump men, here are some reasons that might answer your question.



Why Women Dump Men: You’re Not Paying Enough Attention

Are you too busy with school or work that you’re not paying enough attention to your girlfriend? If your girlfriend is not seeing any effort from you to spend time with her, then she just might decide that you’re not worth it and walk out. Even if your girlfriend is the patient type, there will come a time when she decides to stop waiting for you entirely. It is important to make time with your girl no matter how jam-packed your day is. She is likely to look for someone else if she feels that you are not paying enough attention to her.

Why Women Dump Men: You’re Not Ambitious Enough

Women always like men who want to excel in life. Are you a potato couch who chooses to watch TV all day? Your girlfriend will be completely turned off if you are this type of person. Women like men who know what they want and get it. Instead of parking in front of the TV to drown your sorrows, get up from the couch and start working to achieve your goals. Self-improvement is always possible not to mention beneficial. As there certain aspects of your life that needs to be changed? Do you need a promising job? Maybe its time you catch up on your education or maybe sign up for the local gym? Establish your goals and do everything necessary to get them. This is one of the biggest reason why women dump men as females don’t want a guy who has no idea what he wants in life.

Why Women Dump Men: You Don’t Make Her Feel Pretty

Women love it when their men find them beautiful. If you don’t praise your girlfriend enough and often criticize her then be ready for her to dump you! Women need to know that their men LOVE them. When was the last time you actually showed appreciation to your girl? There are different reasons why women dump men with each situation being different.

She would probably stay in the relationship if you are able to answer her needs physically and emotionally. Simply put, you must be aware of what she needs and provide it.


Relationship advice for couples

Relationship Advice for couples… If you are someone who doesn’t know how to share the way you feel with your significant other, then it’s quite possible that as a couple in a relationship, you are both in serious need for some good relationship advice. When you are with someone that you claim you love, sharing the way you feel with him or her is vital, for that is why you are engaging yourself into a relationship.

Good relationship advice for couples if you two are not the types that can share each others’ feelings then you both might want to consider sitting down in chairs and practice expressing your feelings in front of the mirror.

Look at you, don’t be afraid to look in your eyes while doing it and also use your hands if needed. This is a good exercise that will surely build that self confidence you need in order to tell your feelings to your partner and stay together as a couple.

Another piece of couple’s relationship advice is to always say things at the right time. This means you will need to have a good grasp of communication and say the right things at the right moment. Saying something later, never has the same effect as when you’ve absolutely chosen the right moment.

Showing empathy toward each other is also good relationship advice for couples that will signal you understand your partner very well. This means that you will be able to put yourself in the situation that your partner is experiencing and this will build a stronger bond between the two of you.

If you are not very good with words, my relationship advice is to repeat what the other has just said, but in your own words. If she or he said: “I feel so bad,” then you can say “I understand that you feel so awful, I know how it really feels like.” This will work miracles!

As a last bit of relationship advice for couples, always try to study each other and see what he or she likes and why does he or she does certain things. If you can really understand this relationship advice, you will certainly bring your relationship as a couple to another level.

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