How to meet girls at school

Meeting girls at school is easier than you think.

If you want to do more with your social life than just hang out with your friends and eat pizza, high school can be the very place to do so. Educational establishments offer a lot of academic opportunities, but also plenty of social ones that can help you meet girls. Take these relationship advice tips to meeting girls and you will be chatting away on no time. 


  1. Meeting Girls at School

    • Pick up a school calendar of events. You are not going to meet gaggles of girls by just going to class and taking notes while a professor talks. To meet girls at school, youll need to be where the girls are: social events. High school dances, ice cream socials, cultural events and sports rallies typically will have good female attendance.

    • Eat in the cafeteria rather than go off campus for lunch. Meet girls by sitting at a table where you dont know many of the people over the course of a few days. During that time, youll not only get to meet new girls, but youll have time to figure out if theyre people you want to develop friendships with or not.
    • Create a study group. Studying of some sort in school is inevitable. Take advantage of this fact and create a study group that focuses on a particular subject or class. Beforehand, make sure you get the word out about the study session so it is well-attended. Prime times to launch study groups are before big tests, like finals.
    • Join a club that truly interests you. High schools always have their classic clubs (chess, math, drama) and seem to always be starting new, interesting ones. If theres a club that seems interesting to you, give it a try. This is a good way to make new social connections, and youll appreciate the girls you meet here because youll have a common interest.
    • Join a social networking group. Social networking websites allow you to identify yourself with a certain groups of people. Check out your favorite social networking site to see if your high school or someone there has created a group for others to join. In this group, you might find girls you share common interests with and have the chance to “friend” them through the site. Who knows? That interesting girl online might really be the one that sits behind you in math—the one you thought was a geek before giving her a chance.